Golf Coaches

Head Coach- Loretta Audley

Golf Coach for 4 years

Graduated from PSU BS – 83  Master’s 89

1 son – Kevin McCollam

I have taught for 33 years.  The last 20 years for the SEK Special Education Interlocal.   I have coached golf since 2013, and been the assistant jr. high track coach for 3 years. Currently I play in KWGA Women’s golf league, and I am president of the Countryside Women’s golf league.


Assistant Coach-Lauren Houghton


Married: Josh

Kids: Jayden- 5th, Kayson- 2nd

I have been in the school setting since 2004, as a para and preschool teacher in Missouri for 8 years. We moved to Pittsburg in 2012, started working for the SEK Special Education Interlocal at Meadowlark for 3 years and transferred to Frontenac High School in 2015. I played golf in high school during the summer and recently got back to playing. I am also the JH assistant track throwing coach the last 2 years.